Mural Pricing

Mural Pricing:

The basic cost for most murals run  $7-$20 per square foot.

Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design.

There may be additional charges depending on working conditions such as restricted hours of operation, cramped spaces or driving time and distance.

Pricing includes all materials. However, certain items, such as specialized equipment or scaffolding needed to complete the job will be added to the price of the paint cost estimate.

Before your wall mural project begins it will be assumed that there is a base coat of paint on the wall and a cleared work space.

Please move as much furniture out of the room as possible

Any prep painting, wall patching, or wall preparation will be an additional fee.

Prep painting may include filling holes in walls, texturizing and putting a primer or basecoat on the wall.

If you have a tight budget, to lower your cost, I suggest preparing the wall and painting the basecoat yourself.

Whether your project is big or modest, every mural is important to me and no job is too small for consideration. I'll work with you to give you a great design for your budget. The majority of my projects tend to be above the $800 range. However, I am happy to scale my designs to suit smaller budgets.

Some elements which play in the estimate of a mural's price are the dimensions of the space, the style, and the amount of detail desired. I will be happy to discuss all the considerations and choices that can help minimize your mural's cost.

How to Measure Square Footage:

Measure the length and height of the wall to be painted.  Multiply both numbers together.  That will give you the square footage to be painted.  To get a price estimate, multiply the square footage times the cost per square foot. Prices range from $7 to $20 per square foot for wall murals.

A 50 square foot wall at the lowest price (low detail) is $350.00.  At the highest price (high detail), the same wall would cost $1000.00.

If you know your square footage already...check out the wall mural pricing chart.